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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The mercy of Allah can never be measured by any of us:

My story:
I distinctly remember, a few years ago, as I was still struggling with my own ego & desires to become more religious, more of a true Muslim, I used to party a lot. It's was like I was at every single jump-off-I was just everywhere. I was a well-known party-dude in my day, but this is not about my party-days; but, rather, this is about an event that compled me to quit partying. I used to frequent several dancehalls & clubs, obviously being a Muslim at the time indulging in so many things unbecoming of a Muslim in the first place, there was one party that I had went to, one night, that really changed my life.

It was a bout 1:30am.-The party had just started gettin' live, people were packing themselves into the party spot, and like at any party, people are dancing, drinking, smoking, trying to leave with somebody, to wake up with them the following morning, the usual club life-style. Anyway, I was no different at the time than anyone else who indulged in this life-style. But, this night, things were really different.

This one clown starts a fight with someone, which just comes with the territory of the urban club atmosphere: Dudes from other hoods got beef with one another, either over a bruised ego, gang-affiliation, drug-turf, money, girls, or just random dumb stuff, like the proverbial "he stepped on my sneakers", which, actually happens sadly (all of the above in most cases). Well, I don't know who started the fight & I didn't really care, I was just pissed that people never wanted to jst have a good time, especially Niggas (Yeah.....I said Niggas!!!). So, as the altercation went on, dude pulls out a gun (which by the way is oh so easy to sneak into clubs, still til this very day, it's just what it is).
To make matters worse, people who see the gun start a mad frenzy of a chant, "Gun...Gun...Gun!!!". Now, growing up in the hood, I know for a fact that when someone yells, "Gun", or any word remotely akin to "Gun", it means that 9-10 someone's either gonna get shot at or shot down. So, as Humans we naturally all panic & start trying to use one another as shields, to prevent getting shot at. Then, the dude just starts shooting at the crowd.....

Now, here's where Allah's mercy steps in & saves the day, literally:
.....Now, keep this in-mind: As a Muslim, I wasn't supposed to be there, partying, anyway, or doing any of the other things that occur at these parties. So, here I am, this wanna-be Muslim, doing things prior to my life being in imminent danger that was obviously Islamically prohibited, and now, my back is against the wall, literally, not knowing whether I'm gonna live or die (I really don't know how many of you all out there have been in a similar situation; but, just in case you haven't, let me tell you know: Being shot at is not fun!!!). But what happens next is why I'm even here to write this-The dude who shot at us missed every single shot that he fired, no joke-The guy was less than 5 feet away from the crowd, and even though the lights were off & it's so scary & confusing at the same time, I could see him pointing the gun at all of us, just lettin' off, round by round, by round, and yet, no one got hit.

So, after he emptied, he tried to reload & that's when the crowd decided to rush the guy & get the hell out of dodge before he decides to use as as target practice again. For a long time, I was just astounded as to why I didn't die, or, at the very least, get shot, because I know that I particularly was definitely within his firing range. It really wasn't until I became more religious that I had realized that it really wasn't so much of him not having good aim that saved my life, but it was Allah the One who controls life & death, who decided that it wasn't my time yet & I'm most certainly grateful that he chose to preserve my life even in spite of the fact that I was committing blatant acts of disobedience towards Him, in front of Him.

This experience was one of many necessary happenings, which still stand as definitive signs of Allah's existence, power, and particularly His mercy, because realistically, Allah didn't have to allow me to live on. The things which I've done were so shameful, from an Islamic perspective, that if I were not myself, I would've punish myself for doing those things. But, this is why Allah is who He is & we are who we are. Now obviously, I can't predict how exactly Allah chose to keep me safe, I can take a pretty good guess: I'm guessing that He sent Angels to that particular place, to protect not just me but the whole crowd, even people who were not Muslims were protected. That's even more amazing than me, a disobedient Muslim, still being protected.  I'm guessing that they wrapped there wings around the crowd, basically an angelic bullet-proof vest, stronger than any type of teflon vest out there.

Honestly, it doesn't even matter how Allah chose to save me, or even whom He chose to use to save me, the point is that He did save me, and that's something that I'm always compelled to think & reflect upon, the night when my life could've came to a bitter end.

#I'm just sayin'!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My thoughts on a Woman's beauty:

The Canvas & the Painter!!!

The woman is like a canvas, and I am like her painter.

I’ve used my long, brown paintbrush, with its gentle bristles, to paint her entire body.
I’ve longed to give her blank body expression; it is just as though she consumes me.

I’ve drawn ridges up and down her tender spine, similar to the lengthy mountain ranges.
I’ve drawn for her a smile unforgettable, like the radiance of the Sun & without changes.

The woman is like a canvas, and I am like her painter.

She never worries about me making mistakes; I keep her mind at ease.
She is always in awe of my expertise; I always produce a masterpiece.

On her canvas, I have placed lush green valleys, with beautiful lakes, rivers & springs.
Her arms and legs are drawn & painted delicately like an Eagle’s noble, golden wings.

The woman is like a canvas, and I am like her painter.

I have made her skin, as soft as clouds in the Sky; the woman’s canvas is certainly a treasure.
A woman’s grace and beauty is simply priceless; a woman’s value has absolutely no measure.

So, whenever you see a woman, think of a beautiful painting.
She is a perfect display of artistry; she’s just simply amazing.

Gareth Bryant/2011

Our Caves: The Graves!!!

We view death as something so far, and yet, it’s so very near.
It’s not until the Angel of Death comes that we’ve got it clear.
When he comes for our souls, we cannot even use a ruse.
Death is a battle that we are all divinely-destined to loose.

Welcome to your grave, it’s your final resting-place, it’s just like a cage.
Eventually, you’ll go there, no matter your life-stage, no matter your age.

It’s like “Tag”, ready or not, he will come; but, unlike a game, getting caught by him will not be any fun.
The pain that’s in store for you, if your body tries to cling to your soul, is something anyone would shun.
You cannot resist what you can’t control; once he takes hold, he's never letting go.
Only Allah's mercy will determine whether your soul leaves your body fast or slow.

Welcome to your grave, it’s your final resting-place, it’s just like a cage.
Eventually, you’ll go there, no matter your life-stage, no matter your age.

We will all be draped from our heads to our two feet, we will be covered with a three-sheeted clad.
The grave will be deep, dark, hallow and sad, there is no bright beautiful clothes, no satin nor plaid.
We will all eventually cross the other side, housed inside of a narrow cavern of a coffin.
So attached to this material-life are we, refusing to reflect upon this reality far too often.
It will be a cold, tight, dusty place, full of mold, this place is a reality that we all have to learn about.
There’s but one way in & yet no way back out, too late to return to life, you can’t scream or shout.
The Blue & Black Angels will question you.
Shame on you, if your answers not be true.

Welcome to your grave, it’s your final resting-place, it’s just like a cage.
Eventually, you’ll go there, no matter your life-stage, no matter your age.

There will be a day and a time when we’ll all be committed to the ground.
So, worship Allah until you die & make your relationship with Him sound.

Gareth Bryant/2011

Season's Warnings!!!

Author's note:
This is my advice for all of you out there who've been waiting all-year for this holiday shopping season to befall us. Well, it's here; but, I'm here just to give you some insight, to make sure that you don't become just another victim of the industries which feed off of our pockets.


For some strange reason, we all love to don designer labels, to bear another man’s name.
It could be Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, or Louis Vuitton, wanting to be owned is the same.

We are all victims of our own self-enslavement, to these big-time corporations.
We give them our money without question; we represent consumer generations.

It’s sad how we need allow the names on our clothes to determine our self-worth.

We are only valued as a sale, a fashion serf, tied to the the label of a greedy designer baron.
We place so much importance on brands that do nothing for our communities or children.

These brands project lifestyles that most of their consumers would never be able to afford.
But, the image of wealth & status in our society is appealing; we just want to be on board.

It’s sad how we need allow the names on our clothes to determine our self-worth.

These fashion pariahs only want our money; they need us to stay at a lowly societal rank.
We waste our money on brand names, while these people laugh all the way to the bank.

Their only concern is what they can get out of our pockets; it’s the reality we must know.
Buying these name brands are one of the reasons our communities don’t prosper & grow.

It’s sad how we need allow the names on our clothes to determine our self-worth.

It is high time to take ownership of one’s own self back!!!
Don’t allow these brand names to own you, that’s wack!!!

We must love & dignify ourselves enough not to enslave ourselves to brand names!!!
If this cycle doesn’t end soon, we’ll continue to be senseless, fashion-crazed lames!!!

Gareth Bryant/2010

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My thoughts on the Night & Day:

The Sunset!!!

The Day is just about nearly done.
The Sun sinks slowly, in the West.

The Sun is almost gone.
It has to leave, for rest.

The Sky gets darker; the Horizon becomes pink & yellow.
There’s a slight breeze; the atmosphere is quiet & mellow.

The Night begins to chase the Sun far away.
It has shed enough of its light, for one day.

There’s a dark blue tint, stretching & covering the Sky.
The Sun leaves us with its Solar glare, saying goodbye.

The Sunset has arrived, the Sun must give way.
We must endure the departure of our sunny day.

We look on, as we see the Sun being devoured, by the land.
We are helpless, as if we’re watching it sink, into quicksand.

The Darkness has overtaken the Light.
The Day is gone, it is now the Night.

The Sunset reminds us that nothing lasts forever.

Gareth Bryant/2009

The Sunrise!!!

Bright rays of light cut the Sky.
They form shades of pink & blue.

They give chase, to the dark shadow of the Night.
The Sun begins a day that is bright & brand-new.

From the long-stretched Horizon, the Sun’s golden rim emerges high.
As if it were a mighty Tree, it springs rapidly above, from the ground.

Its glow is greater with each moment, as it ascends to the Sky.
The Sun is big & bright; it begins shedding its light all around.

The mood is calm, as the Sky becomes lighter, yet clearer.
The Sun floats in the Sky, just like a leaf floats on a River.

In a Rainforest, the Sun makes the leaves of the Trees greener.
In a Desert, it makes the winds of a Sandstorm a little meaner.

It rises from the East every day, without the slightest hesitation.
It is one of the signs of Allah, made for Human contemplation.

In Nature, the Sun shines on Mountains & Valleys.
In cities, it even shines on street corners & alleys.

The Sunrise is a reminder, that we’ve made it through the Night.

Gareth Bryant/2009

Friday, November 25, 2011

What “Change” has there really been in America?!!!

Since we are approaching the last official year of the 1st. presidential term of Barack Obama, one has to honestly reflect upon how his presidency has affected this country & the world. We cannot just get caught up in the nostalgia of “He’s the first Black President, woo hoo!!!”. We must critically think about what policies that he’s supported & carried out as the Chief Executive of the United States, during his nearly four-year tenure of what could potentially be his only term as the leader of the “Free-World”.

No, it’s not time to break out the worn out Obama hats, shirts, bumper stickers, etc. labelled “Yes, We Can”, or “Change We Can Believe In”. It is truly time for reflection as to whether the U.S. is truly a better country since this man’s been a President. For this reflection, I’ll be taking the liberty of mentioning several happenings throughout the current tenure of this U.S. President & I’ll let you decide has “Change” that this man had promised for this country truly come.

Hate crimes:
Dec. 10th, 2010:
A twenty-seven year old Black man, by the name of Frederick Jermaine Carter, was found hanging to a tree, in Greenwood, Miss. The Obama administration has yet to even acknowledge the event taking place, and there was no mention of a Federal investigation of this case (ironically enough, Greenwood is a mere 10 miles away from Money, Miss., where Emmett Till, a 14-year-old Black youth, was tortured and murdered by racist whites, exactly 50 years after the Emmet Til tragedy)-This case was just swept under the rug, by Leflore County Sheriff Ricky Banks, along with the county coroner, declaring Carter’s death a “Suicide”, as a result of him having a history of “Mental-Illness”.

Now, for you & I, who possess basic-intelligence, here’s some serious questions for us to sincerely ask ourselves: When is the last time that a legitimately mentally-ill person used a tree to assist them in a “Suicide”?!!! (Never); when is the the last time that Black man used a tree to assist him in a “Suicide”?!!! (Never!!!); also, how is the man going to “hang himself”, when he was found tied/bounded to the actual tree that he “hanged himself” from?!!! (Impossible!!!).

Now, just by virtue of the fact that there’s a Black man in the White House is justification enough to have had this case world-wide news; however, sadly, it was just another important issue that was kept under cover, for fear that people would truly realize that having a Black man as a President doesn’t secure shit for Black people, those who came out in droves to vote for this man, really believing that he was their savior-If a White man, or any group of Non-Black individuals would’ve done the same to one of them, this case would’ve been treated the same exact way, especially if they weren’t of any type of known, significant status in our society.

The economy:
It’s not that the Federal bailouts given to the Wall Street titans were bad enough, but to add insult-to-injury, they’ve grown more wealthy & powerful during the Obama years, thus far-According to a report, by Zachary Goldfarb, of the Washington Post:
  • Wall Street firms — independent companies and the securities-trading arms of banks — are doing even better. They earned more in the first 2 1/2 years of the Obama administration than they did during the eight years of the George W. Bush administration, industry data show. [...]
  • The largest banks, including Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo, earned $34 billion in profit in the first half of the year, nearly matching what they earned in the same period in 2007 and more than in the same period of any other year.
  • Securities firms — the trading arms of big banks and hundreds of other independent firms — have fared even better. They’ve generated at least $83 billion in profit during the past 2 1/2 years, compared with $77 billion during the entire Bush administration, according to data from the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association.
#Enough said!!!

International relations:
As recent as this year, Anwar Al-Awlaki, a Muslim, as well as a U.S.-citizen, was violently blown to bits, by a CIA-controlled drone-missile attack in Yemen. What still puzzles me, till this very day, is the simple fact that none of the actual charges of “terrorist-activity” against this man was even established, until after he conveniently out of the country, relocated to Yemen, even though he was continually probed by the Feds for at least 5 years before he even left the U.S. to spend the rest of his life in Yemen-Ironically the charges that he had actually gotten arrested for & then released while in the U.S. had absolutely nothing to do with “terrorist-activity”. This is something really difficult to wrap my head around: Anwar Al-Awlaki was accused of being the chief recruitment figure for Al-Qaeda in America, yet you wait until the man leaves the U.S. to go to Yemen to do something about it?!!! What sense does this all make?!!! (None).

He was denied his right as a Human being & a U.S.-citizen to have his day in court/any court, via due-process, even though his historical counterpart, Oliver North, the most corrupt U.S. Military official on record, who aided known terrorist-groups, by supplying them with money gins, in exchanges for drugs to be smuggled into the U.S. during the 1980′s, infamously known as the Iran-Contra Affair, did more than Al-Awlaki was even accused of. Yet, North was eventually acquitted of all 16 counts of Federal felonies thrown at him, received an official Presidential-Pardon, and retired with full rank & pension as a Lt. Colonel of the U.S. Marines (check out my article on titled, “If Anwar Al-Awlaki were Oliver North, he’d still be alive & chillin’” for more info. about the Iran-Contra Affair). Then, there’s Somalia, the mythical land of African Al-Qaeda & pirates, even though, unlike the Taliban, Saddam, and Qaddafi, As-Shabab have not been ousted (check out my article on my blog, titled, “Somalia [The Anatomy of a Tragedy]” to find out why).

These are just a few of the countless examples of how the mythos of Barack Obama has continually become a political epic-fail, and has been able to keep the American people deaf, dumb & blind. It’s very obvious to me, and should be just as obvious to you all, that Obama being a President, the first Black President, or what ever posthumous title that you’d wish to refer to him by, has not changed any of the business-as-usual policies well-established in this nation.

In short, “Ain’t shit change, except da number after da dot, on da Range (Rover).”
(Notorious B.I.G. voice)

#I’m just sayin’!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pro-Life Vs. Pro-Choice: Where do the Muslims stand?

The issue of Abortion has and will always cause significant controversy among all people, regardless of religious beliefs, political stances, cultural traditions or social affiliations. Whether for or against it, there will always be debates over this topic. This issue has become one of the most debated subjects concerning people around the world, as well as in the United States. It is my attempt to clarify the Islamic position on Abortion. Although, there are many Muslims who may not share my views, I want to make it very clear, based upon sources from the Qur'an & Prophetic-Tradition, in order to prove my point. In order to get a clearer picture of the entire issue, it would only be fair to define Abortion, from the Linguistic/Medical perspective, in order to have a better understanding of the entire process.

The expulsion of the Fetus, from the womb of the Human female. This is usually done surgically, or manually, resulting in the Fetus being physically removed, from the womb of the Human female.1

This is often done, for several of the following reasons:

1. The potential mother-to-be experiences complications during her pregnancy. Thus, causing serious health risks, possibly life-threatening, to the respective mother-to-be.

2. The potential mother-to-be was either a victim of Rape/Incest. Thus, causing her, or her relatives to rid themselves of the reminder of the rape (i.e. ridding themselves of the potential child).

3. The potential mother-to-be may have gotten pregnant, without planning to. She may be afraid of having the responsibility of bring another life into this world, as well as taking care of it.

4. Also, either her family, or her significant-other (husband, boyfriend, lover, etc.) may not want her to have the baby. Thus, placing immense pressure upon her to make a decision, which would be in their personal favor. The parents of this female may think that she is too young to have a child of her own. While her significant other may not want to be a father yet, or ever, or just not with her.
Now, on the surface (as on a Universal level), these are probably all acceptable reasons to abort a child. However, from the Islamic perspective, there are many issues at hand. This is mainly due to the fact that as Muslims, we believe that Allah alone creates life. Knowing this, then how can anyone just take the liberty of taking something out of existence, when they were not even responsible for it coming into existence?2

We all know that in order to take someone, or something out of existence which already exists (such as Humans & Animals), you have to kill it. According to Islamic-Law, killing is an act of Worship. Since killing is an act of worship, then a Human does not have the right to kill whoever or whatever he wants. Whoever or whatever they do kill must be in accordance with the Qur'an & Prophetic-Tradition.3

What I intend to present is whether or not the reasons people have abortions are valid or not, according to Islamic-Law.

Analyzing the reasons for Abortions:

1. In the case of the Fetus causing a health risk, or death to the potential mother-to-be, then there is no harm in having an Abortion. The reasons are very simple: according to Islamic-Law, self-preservation is valid. In a situation of this nature, it becomes crucial that the potential mother preserve her own life, since she is already alive. As for the Fetus, then there is no sin on the woman, or those who advise her under these circumstances, to eliminate it.
2. Noble Qur'an: Chpts. 17, V. 33 & 60, V. 12; Tafsir-ul-Jalalayn, Safiyy-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakfury
3. Noble Qur'an: Chpt. 6, V. 151; Ibid.

2. In the case of Rape/Incest, then the Fetus should most definitely be spared. Why should the Fetus be eliminated, because its potential mother was a victim of Rape/Incest? It is not the fault of the potential child-to-be, that it was conceived under this condition. If anything, the potential child is just as much of a victim as the potential mother. Every Human has the right to live, even before they are born.
4 Rather, it was the fault of the sick bastard who committed the Rape/Incest. Realistically, if anyone is to be killed, it should be the one who committed the Rape/Incest. After all, it was they who deliberately decided to dehumanize someone, by robbing them of their sexual-integrity.
Also, less than 10% of all women, around the world, who get Abortions are in fact Rape/Incest victims. In the U.S., it's even lower.....less than 5% of all women, who get Abortions are in fact Rape/Incest victims. Now, they want the quick-fix, the Abortion. This basically sends a message to your child that: "As long as I don't get pregnant/get someone pregnant, I can screw whoever the hell I want....yessss!!!" They are now programmed to use the following rationale: In order to avoid the responsibility of caring & providing for another Human (which I helped to produce), the ultimate way-out is going to a Doctor and solicit their Medical expertise, in murdering your unborn child.

3. In the case of an unwanted pregnancy, it should also be kept. Why should a child have its existence snuffed out, just because its mother & father didn't want it? The whole reason why guys & girls have to deal with unwanted pregnancies is because of their own foolish choices. So, basically, a male & female can have sexual-intercourse all they want. But, when a baby is on the way, then they are just given the liberty to get rid of the their child, like some worn-out clothing?
This is so wrong!!! Then, you have these parents, who don't really care about how many times their children have sex, who their having sex with, whether or not they are practicing safe-sex, abstinence or getting married (Marriage of course being the best possible option).5

The youth have basically been given a free-hand, to act exclusively upon carnal impulse, instead of their parents or communities cultivating them with values & morals/ethics. All until someone gets pregnant. Only then, are these types of parents on the war-path, wanting retribution. It's too late for all of that now!!! You should have been better parents!!!

My closing remarks would just be this, any Muslim or Non-Muslim, who reads this must really ask themselves: "After learning all of this, would or should I still support Abortion?" That is all that I leave with you, to think about. If nothing else, just think of yourselves. How would it make you feel, if you were that unborn child, who was denied their right to live? How would you feel, if your parents saw you as just a nuisance, or just some piece of garbage, ready to be trashed? How would it make you feel, if your parents disregarded you, to such an extent, that they were willing to kill you, just so they would not have to care for you? If you really just think about that, it's really messed up.

Anyone who reads this, should know very well how precious life is, and it should not just be wasted. Just because an unwanted pregnancy occurs, does not give any of us the right to erase that person from existence. I know that it's easy for me to be against Abortion, because I'm a guy. But, just try to think about the unborn child who is suffering. Keep in mind that Abortion inherently is a very inhumane & brutal procedure to begin with.

Even in the case of Incest or Rape, realistically, the one who was sexually violated is not going to feel any better about herself, just because she had an Abortion. The Abortion itself is not a fair compensation, for the fact that she was robbed of her dignity. Honestly, that's not even justice. The sexual offender does at the very most ten years, and he is free, to live the rest of his life. However, the victim is forever emotionally & psychologically wounded. These wounds never heal sometimes. My point is to take the children, who are also victims, into strong consideration. Abortion is not reversible!!! When the damage is already done, it's too to change one's mind.
4. Ibid

#I'm just sayin'!!!

The Hijab of the Man & Woman in Islam:

Author’s note:
This article is written as a result of a previous lecture that I had given about Hijab at Hudson County Community College, in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Unfortunately, whenever the subject of Hijab comes up, it’s basically always gyno-centric-It’s always concentrating upon the Hijab of the Muslim woman & not enough or at all upon the Hijab of the Muslim man. I personally view this bias, when it comes to only mentioning the Hijab of the woman, as very unfair, for the following reasons: It gives a lot of Muslim women the impression that men can wear whatever they want without reservation, which makes the mandates of Hijab seem very misogynistic. Also, the rise of a feminist mentality among Muslim women has established opinion that women don’t have to wear Hijab, because it’s something that puts women back as opposed to putting them forward. Then, there’s the whole fallacy that Hijab is just an Arab thing, or something which predated Islam in Arabia.

Firstly, the ordinance of the Hijab originates not from Islamic-Arabia, but rather, according to “Stories of the Prophets”, written by by Ibn-Kathir, the Hijab was initially an established mandate for our Human parents, the first Muslims from among Mankind, Adam & Eve (Peace be upon both of them)-Ibn-Kathir has clearly explained in his work that when they disobeyed Allah & ate from the tree which Allah told them not to go near in the Paradise, they were evicted from the Paradise itself. When they were subjected to live upon the Earth, Allah had thus commissioned both of them to wear clothing, to cover their private areas. So, Adam had made clothing which covered him, from his navel to his knees (which coincides perfectly with he statement of Muhammad [Peace be upon him] when he described the `Awrah [private-area] of the man in which & he said, “Whatever lies under the navel & to the knees is an `Awrah [private-area].” [Sunan Ad-Daraqunti & Al-Bayhaqi]), and made clothing of Eve which covered her entire body from head to toe (which also coincides perfectly with how Muhammad [Peace be upon him] described the `Awrah [private-area of the woman] when he said, “A Woman is an `Awrah is to cover her  entire body & reveal nothing except her face & hands once she reaches puberty.” [Sunan Abu-Dawud])-Now keep in mind that they were the only Humans upon the Earth at this time. So, the fact that this was ordained for them when there were no other Humans around, except them, is very important & significant & thus proves that the Hijab for both men & women possess roots in Islamic antiquity.

In all reality, the purpose of the Hijab is to maintain proper etiquette & decency between men & women, that they treat one another with respect, and not to merely view one another nor themselves just sexual objects. But, unfortunately, we all live in a modern/secular context, which promotes general/full-scale immorality via over-sexualization of our global society. Also, we live in an age where these disgusting misogynistic & feministic ideas of what men & women are outside of an Islamic context & this has caused Muslim men & women to have developed demented ideological religious stances as to how to practice Islam on an individual level as well as a social level. For now, let’s just stick with the individual aspect of practicing Islam.

The Feminist community has basically black-listed the obligation Muslim women to voer properly as something archaic & savage meant to demean women. On the contrary, the Hijab of both men & women was established to uplift both respective genders, never to debase them. However, becuase Secularism has become the ideological king of our society, people like members of the Feminist community have actually supported various movements to get the Hijab for women specifically banned in as many places as possible. Basically they want our Muslim sistersto shame themselves before men as well as other women by exposing parts of their bodies which Allah has ordained to be cover & concealed from public view, as Allah says in the Qur’an: “Oh, Prophet!!! Tell your wives, daughters & the believing women to cover themselves with their garments. This is ensure that they be recognized & not be harassed. And, Allah is all-forgiving, most-merciful.” (Chpt.33, V.59). In all actuality the purpose of the Hijab is not to make us miserable, rather to separate us from the rest. I mean really, do you want a bunch of horny, ill-mannered men who don’t believe in Allah & the Last-Day or disobedient Muslims to drool over the sight of your body?!!! We need to seriously think about this!!!

Now, there are those who would argue that men should have more control, or that women shouldn’t have to cover just because men are lustful. Well, from a Human perspective that’s a very good point. But, we’re not the ones who make the rules; rather, the Creator of the Universe has ordained how men & women are to worship behave, act, and dress, not us-The whole reason that Allah has ordained that men & women cover different parts of our bodies is because by our very nature, which He has created us with, men & women are anatomically attracted to different things. Let’s be very honest here, we all know that even anatomically, women are more attractive & possess more to offer men than the other way around.

The reason why women are required to cover their entire bodies is because every aspect of the external anatomy of a woman is attractive to some man in some way, and it’s not normally the other way around, meaning every aspect of the anatomy of a man is not attractive to a woman women are attracted to very specific things on a man’s body, while men are attracted to a whole number of things on a woman’s body. The ordinance for both men & women to cover their bodies a certain way is actually a mercy from Allah, for all of the reasons that I already mentioned previously. The whole notion of supporting legislation in countries that are attempting to legally eradicate the Hijab, for women specifically, are truly people who are hell-bent on establishing Secularism everywhere, and are on the side of the Shaytan to attempt to extinguish the Light of Allah (i.e. Islam). This is systematically being allowed because Islam is the only force that stands in between those who wish to see the world immersed in complete desire-driven corruption, and their goal of a world without any divine guidance established anywhere.

#I’m just sayin’!!!  

Monday, November 21, 2011

Somalia's & Haiti’s incredible plight:

Scorched earth, as a result of no rain; its people have no food and have forfeited their pride.

Ongoing drought & famine has crippled an entire generation, the world just turns a blind-eye.

Murder has been made the order of the day, no one is ever secure, no such thing as a safe space.

Astronomical and unchallenged atrocities committed there has been accepted, it is common place.

Lies told by our government that Ash-Shabab took over; well, why have they not been ousted?

It’s ironic how they’ve managed to keep power, yet Saddam, Qaddafi & the Taliban were routed.

Apparently, the U.S. has been too busy, with sending troops to secure the poppy & oil fields.

Historially known to be rebellious, a band of slaves, they defeated the British, Spanish, and French.

America & Europe enacted sanctions, choking its people just like nuts & bolts choked by a wrench.

Immersed in an abyss of poverty, while the country is continually exploited beyond imagination.

This island has always been given the raw deal, and people wonder why it is such a torn nation.

It’s no accident that they’ve always been debased, no one wants them to raise.

Gareth Bryant/2011

This is what you don't call me:

Don’t call me an Islamist, that’s just a code-word for terrorist.
Don’t call me Fundamentalist, this just means I’m not tolerant.

Don’t call me a Sufi, this means I have my head in the clouds.
Don’t label me Salafi, this just means I treat people like dogs.

I don’t wanna be red-flagged as being anti-modernity and referred to as Conservative.
I don’t wanna be highlighted as a Liberal, just comfortable following their prerogative.

I despise being thought of as Jihadi, this means I wanna blow myself up.
I keep wondering to myself when all of this lame name-calling will stop?

You don’t know me; you don’t own me; so, who gave you the right to name me?!!!
This name calling is just a void, used by the enemies of Islam, because they’re guilty.

They’re resentful, because every system that they’ve invented has done nothing but fail.
And, they know that the Way of Allah, which is Islam, is the only thing that will prevail.

They are willing to use & do anything to encourage division among us.
When we indulge in sectarianism, for them this is just a strategic plus.

They only call us what we’re willing to call ourselves, we must  not give them ammunition.
Let them call us the most honored name Allah calls us in the Qur’an....just call us Muslim.

Gareth Bryant/2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Penn State has officially become the Catholic Church of College Sports:

As far back as 1994, according to a Grand Jury report, released by CNN, Jerry Sandusky, who had worked for Penn State University officially for 32 years prior to 1999, and was then allowed to stay on for another 12 years in a volunteer capacity at Penn State until this year, had been reported, probed and investigated, throughout his tenure as an employee at Penn State, for having the ugly history of touching & loving young men, in all of the wrong places. Yet, apparently, this was not good enough to compel the Penn State administration to go forth and press charges upon this man, or at the very least fire him, before this sex scandal became what it was: the single most disturbing & shocking scandal in the history of College Sports.

This monumental level of irresponsibility, carelessness and mismanagement of campus affairs has shaken the College Sports world to its very core, with the presumed "King of College Football", Joe Paterno at the center of such sexual perversion & misconduct within his own ranks. In spite of Paterno being recently dethroned by the "Nobles of Penn State", the Penn State University Board of Trustees, evidently, the King is still wears his Collegiate crown & still commands his King Author-like authority, in the minds & hearts of  his loyal subjects, which consists of thousands of Penn State students, as well as millions of College Football fans around the world.

Unfortunately, it's very obvious that the standard policy of Penn State has been a third-eye blind position. There were several eye-witness reports, from at least two fellow Penn State employees: Tim Calhoun, a campus janitor, and Mike McQuery a Wide-Receiver Football Coach, whom both had witnessed two separate accounts of sexual-misconduct committed by Sandusky, yet nothing substantial was done to bring Sandusky to account for even being accused of these allegations, it was just swept under the rug.

To add insult to injury,  the terrible irony is that those whom he was abusing were participants of a youth organization that he had founded, called the Second Mile Program, a Pennsylvaina non-for profit state-wide program for wayward youth. In my opinion, since Sandusky had done what he's done, those youth who were in the circumference of Sandusky were much better off being as wayward youth-He basically used his position in this organization to get his demented rocks off, and maintain access to as many children as he could've gotten his sick hands on, subsequently scaring them for life.

But, that's not all, the reports from both Penn State staff, as well as several victims themselves confirm that this twenty-year long string of abusive actions of Sandusky were done directly within the confines of Penn State campus grounds, like in the sports locker rooms, for example, where McQuery said that he witnessed Sandusky performing oral-sex upon a young man, and Calhoun said that he witnessed Sandusky leaving a locker room with a young man, as well as direct reports from the victims of Sandusky themselves. Even if all of these allegations were in fact false, there is absolutely no excuse on part of the Penn State authorities to not at least report these allegations to proper law-enforcement and/or childcare agencies-This is absolutely outrageous!!!

It just goes to show you how corruption and lack of concern for one's fellow man can bring forth. With all of the rallies by the student body of Penn State in support of Paterno, along with threats targeted towards McQuery, for having a ounce of courage to step up & admit that much wrong was committed without proper investigation, where's the support for the victims & their families, who trusted people like Sandusky with their children, who let them down in one of the most heinous ways possible. When the Board of Trustees finally decided to terminate Paterno among another Penn State official, people went up in arms in the street, not caring that the innocence of several persons had been violated indiscriminately, by a monster, whom should be executed for his crimes against children, and the fact that this occurred for the most part uninterrupted, unchecked and not taken seriously at all by the members of the Penn State Papacy at the highest levels, is oh so similar to so many of these notoriously infamous Catholic Church sex-scandals, that for years were left unchallenged.

My question is really this: How & why does a University employee accumulate that much power & influence at the highest levels of Campus administration, to be given innumerable amounts of passes, to continue working and volunteering at a place where he's been sited for repeated sexual-offences for nearly twenty years?!!!

The answer: Well, there is no reasonable answer for this amount of lackadaisical immorality on the part of Sandusky, nor the incredible irresponsibility & stupidity on the part of Penn State authorities, for failing to notify proper law-enforcement to deal with this ever-important issue.

#I'm just sayin'!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My thoughts on appreciation & experience:

"A person will never appreciate peace, unless they experience war, and they will never appreciate joy, unless they experience pain, and they will never appreciate victory, unless they experience defeat, and they will never appreciate success, unless they experience failure, and they will never appreciate love, unless they experience hate."
Gareth Bryant

My thoughts on U.S. political sex-scandals:

Very recently, there's been a whole lot of hoopla about Herman Cain's alleged sexual-inappropriateness, which he now has to answer for. However, he's thus denied any & all accounts of sexual-misconduct. But, enough about that, let's get to the nitty-gritty of this issue & and that is this:

People are becoming less concerned with a person's moral-character, and more concerned with how a politician functions in office. Well, having considerable moral-character should/would in fact reflect in the policies that a person in the highest political office in the U.S. supports & executes, I would assume naturally.

Yet, morality is something that the U.S., along with our general global society is losing more & more by the day. You can go back as far as Thomas Jefferson, whom authored the Declaration of Independence, who was a known womanizer, and fathered several children out of wedlock with his slave, Sally Hemings. This was in fact acceptable, because at this time in American history, African slaves weren't even regarded as complete Human beings. We can also look into the 1960's, where President John F. Kennedy outlandishly cheated on his wife, in public at that, with no discretion what so ever on his part.

We can also reflect upon even the life of the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, whose sexscapades have become a legendary testament of how sexual-corruption has left a permanent stain on all levels of the U.S. Federal government. Then, possibly the most famous of them all is Bill Clinton, who initially denied any & all allegations that he had any sexual-contact with Monica Lewinski. But, as a result of being placed under the threat being prosecuted for purgery, as well as Presidential-Impeachment, finally fessed up to not only having an official relationship with her, about also to receiving the most famous blowjob in the U.S. of U.S. politics. And, then, we all remember the recent revelations of former U.S. Senator John Edwards, who ran for President in 2004 & ended up being John Kerry's running mate against George W. Bush, then again in 2008, which he ended up having to bow-out of the Presidential race, cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, while actually running for President.

Next, even more recent, we have the infidelity fiascoes that have brought down former Governors James McGreevey of New Jersey & Elliot Spitzer of New York. And, then, not too long ago, there was Anthony Weiner, who just couldn't keep his wiener off of the internet, who completely embarrassed himself, and his family, and for what?!!! Now, as recent as this year, we have an aspiring contender for the seat in the Oval Office, caught up in a sex-scandal. Herman Cain, presumably, the Barack Obama of the Republican Party, has just been red-flagged amid recent allegations of sexual-misconduct. I don't know whether something like this will ruin his chance of going toe-to-toe with Obama, for the 2012 election, but it still looks really bad-Please, keep in mind that these guys who've been caught up in these scandals are not just some run of the mill politicians here, these are big-leaguers, whom have enacted & supported relevant governmental policies in their respective realms of public service, which have affected & still affects our lives as U.S. citizens.

I have the following to ask all of you: If you have individuals, like these politicians, who have been implicated/involved in various sex-scandals and/or confirmed to play significant parts in these scandals, willingly betraying their respective spouses & then lying about their wrongs when called to task for honesty, then what should make us, as U.S. citizens, think that that these same politicians would be loyal to us, as their political constituents, as we place our general trust in them to conduct honest affairs of state-How can these people be trusted with the general welfare of this nation, when they can't even keep their penises in their pants?!!!

Think about this, people!!!

#I'm just sayin"!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Muslims need to serve the people:

On the night of June 4th & the early morning of June 5th, 2011, I participated in the annual “AFSP: Out of the Darkness Overnight” Anti-Suicide walk, in New York City. I didn’t even realize how important this walk that I had committed myself to was, until I actually got to the starting point of the walk, in Brooklyn. The walk hadn’t even started yet, and I was just jolted with anxiety & excitement, not knowing how this whole event would play out. There were all types of people there, at this walk, from all over the country & around the world. They were there to lend their support to put an end to Suicide, at all costs. However, there was one group of people who were not in attendance at this was us, the Muslims; we were nowhere to be found!!! It’s so ironic how something as prevalent & important an issue as Suicide, or this kind of walk, could possibly be the furthest thing from our agendas-It’s not something that we even think about, or are concerned about.

We are so pathetically distant from real issues in our society, like Suicide-I can say for myself, as an individual Muslim, that this walk is incredibly significant to my ability to be of better service to Allah, as His servant, as well as being of better service to my Human race. As Allah says, “From that which we’ve ordained the Children of Israel is that whomever kills a person who has killed no one, nor has committed corruption in the Earth, it’s just like they’ve killed the whole Human race. And, whomever saves them, it’s just like they’ve save the whole Human race.” (Noble Qur’an: Chpt. 5, V. 32). It’s a proven fact that Suicide-Awareness indeed saves lives!!! There were so many people here, all for the same objective: to save people from making the mistake of taking their own lives. Even if only one person was saved because of this walk, it would be worth it.

This walk was absolutely amazing, to say the least!!! Every step on this this 18-mile journey was an excuse for me to reflect on this precious gift that Allah has given us called life. This walk was in fact a celebration of life itself; my fellow participants, from every part of this nation, all had individual & personal purposes for committing themselves to this walk, along with a valid narrative to boot. I had the awesome privilege of meeting & conversing with some of the most humane, amusing, and positive people you could ever find on the planet-Take actress/activist, Mariel Hemingway, for example, who lost 7 of her own family members to Suicide. In spite of her tremendous loss, she displayed such fortitude, that I very much admired her for. And, she shared her personal story of familial tragedy, with such an immense level of grace, honor & dignity; she’s also a strong advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide-Prevention as well, which is the organization that annually sponsors the “Out of the Darkness Overnight”.

During this walk however, I still felt isolated, alone, and disappointed. Everyone had a walking team, or at least family or friends to walk with, but I didn’t have anyone initially with me walking, nor a walking team; I was just by myself. I tried very hard to conceal my immense anger and disappointment at the Muslim-Community, our leadership & organizations particularly. I reached out to at least 5 major Muslim institutions of Islamic-Learning, Muslim advocacy groups, and leadership councils.....none of them showed the significant want, or care, to partake in this cause, or endorse me, or even help me to spread awareness about this walk. When I sent out e-mails to these institutions, groups, councils, and organizations, they didn’t even have enough courtesy to reply to me and say they were not interested-I received zero responses, from at least 98% of those whom I contacted. But, in spite of all of that, I made it my business to commit to this walk, and to do it by myself, because you know what they say: “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”.

Honestly, there were in fact instances where I wanted to just quit this walk, because of lack of support for it, from my own community. However, after every mile, and after every check point/rest stop, and all in between, there were people, congratulating us for the miles that we had already walked and encouraging us to walk even more. These people, the AFSP staff, volunteers, family members of those who were running, family members of those who committed Suicide, all of them gave us so much encouragement to go on and finish this walk. It was so wonderful having them there to instill encouragement to complete our walk.
There’s one thing I can say, walking by one’s self does have its advantages-Whenever people would ask me as to who, what, or why I was walking, I had the splendid opportunity to express myself individually, as an individual Muslim. Everyone whom I had told that I was walking on behalf of the Muslim-Community were absolutely ecstatic, and I could see the surprise, and delight on their faces; they were shocked that a Muslim would even be there, and at the exact same time, they were so happy that a Muslim was there. For those whom I came in contact with, and told that I was representing the Muslim-Community, it was a good feeling for them to know that somewhere out there, at least one Muslim actually cares about this cause, and this may have been the very first time that many of them have even met a Muslim. But, it shouldn’t have been just be me who cares, it shouldn’t have been just me out there, all of us should care, and all of us should’ve been there!!!

Now, it was just me out there, one Muslim, by himself, and even just as an individual, I made a positive impact on people that I came in contact with. Just imagine, if the Muslim-Community had a significant presence there? It would have been such a powerful Da`wah power-play, for people to know that we empathize with them, and want to be part of the solution to this major problem plaguing America. We all owe it to Allah, then to our fellow man to be a part of this particular walk and movement, to put an end to Suicide. The grand involvement of the Muslim-Community in this walk would most definitely place a positive imprint in the hearts of the people who would witness us there. It would be a tool that we could’ve used to help us clarify the negative stigmas about Muslims being inherently religiously violent, that serves as every-day slander in popular media upon our religion, as well as the general character of the Muslims.
When we’re seen participating more often at these types of events, promoting the general preservation of life, then it would turn the tides of how we’re viewed in America and across the world. Participation in a walk like this would place us in a different light, as caring individuals, who respect, honor and celebrate life. We must all make a more valiant effort to involve ourselves in the society that we live in, to paint a better image of Islam & Muslims, through our actions, as well as contributing to the general betterment of our society, by being of better service to the people.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My thoughts on the Kim Kardashian marriage fiasco:

It's very ironic & sad how there is so much media coverage about this 5-second marriage/split between Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries, while the media-world is virtually silent about covering stories about millions of people all around the world, who suffer & die from thirst, starvation, and treatable/curable diseases, suicide, substance-abuse, domestic-violence, and general religious/social/economic/political oppression.

We, as Human beings and as a global society, have truly lost our way!!!

There is a god, and His name is Allah (My personal gift to Atheists & Anti-Theists):

Oftentimes, almost always, both Atheists (who deny the validity of believing in any Divine-Creator) & Anti-Theists (who are blatantly against even believing in the existence of any Divine-Creator) respectively, place their claims that the existence of any Divine-Creator is non-sense, or silly at best, because they claim that no religion can empirically prove the existence of any Divine-Creator.

Well, I have such proof of the existence of a Divine-Creator, directly from the speech of the Divine-Creator, it's in the Qur'an itself. Allah clearly states in the Qur'an, concerning the metal Iron: "We have descended Iron, within it contains great durability, as well as benefits for Humans." (Chpt. 57, V. 25). Now, for those who are scientifically inclined and/or educated in the field of Science, you would know that there have been numerous studies which have proven the fact that tons of amounts of Iron deposits, in the forms of  meteors, meteorites, meteoroids, asteroids, etc. have descended to the Earth, during various points in the history of the Earth itself. The most popular scientific opinion concerning the origin of Iron coming to the Earth is via meteorite showers that pummeled the Earth's surface, before it became solidified, and thus became part of the Earth's core, as well as part of the Earth's crust.

Now, for those who deny the legitimacy of the existence of Allah, the Creator of the Universe and/or the Qur'an as a factual book of revelation, I ask you the following question: How is it possible for someone like the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), who was well-known in his society for not receiving a formal education, and for being completely illiterate (who is also mentioned directly in the Qur'an as being illiterate [Chpt. 7, Vs. 157 & 158]), going to have such sophisticated knowledge about Iron & how it came to the Earth originally?

The answer is right in front of your faces, he was directly inspired by Allah, through the revelation of the Qur'an, and was given knowledge about this particular event of Iron descending to the Earth, 14 centuries before any other Human being ever discovered the origins of Iron via scientific analysis & research. Even though Allah does not go into detail as to exactly how this event to place, the fact that Allah does in fact mention it at all is very significant, especially when it comes to debunking the erroneous belief that no Divine-Creator exists. Now, I'm not trying to convince anyone who is an Atheist or Anti-Theist to just give up their respective beliefs (by the way believing that there is no Divine-Creator is a belief in and of itself) just on my account, that would be a decision which you as an individual would have to make consciously on your own.

However, I am most definitely here to tell you, as a Muslim, as an intelligent Human being, that not only is denial of the existence of the one who created you a personal offense to Him, but it's just down-right dumb!!! How do you think you got here, just by an accident?!!! Do you really think that everything in the Universe, with all of its wonderful intricacies & complex orderly systems just got here, with no one to bring it into being and to ensure its maintainence?!!!

I'm simply imploring you (those who may be reading this who may in fact be Atheists or Anti-Theists) to use the intellect that Allah, the Creator of the Universe has given you!!! If you are still willing to be an Atheist and/or Anti-Theist, after this simple proof against it, in this modest blog post, well then I guess Rick James was absolutely right when he said, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug!!!".

#I'm just sayin'!!!